Cure Paruresis Don't Think You Can't Because You CAN

Cure Paruresis? Don’t think you can’t because you CAN. No one should live with any anxiety disorder and that’s certainly the case when it comes to Paruresis, Shy Bladder Syndrome or whatever you want to call it because it CAN be cured.

Who can cure it … very simple answer … YOU! Sure there’s specialists in the field that can make it easier for you, theres resources that can help and there’s organisations who will support. But, ultimately, it’s down to the person you see when you look in the mirror … and that’s YOU.

Can I Really Cure Parureis?

Yes you can. Think about it – have you always suffered from it or can you recall a time when you didn’t use to panic when you needed the bathroom? If you’re answering that you’ve always suffered from it then think again because you didn’t. You weren’t born with the condition. As a baby having people around didn’t stop you peeing in your diaper or nappy did it? So, no matter what you think you haven’t always suffered from it. Instead, something happened along your lifeline that changed your minds natural response from one of confidence when entering a restroom to one of doubt. And this doubt grew to unease which grew to fear and then developed into the phobia that we know to be Paruresis.

If your minds natural response can change negatively in such a way then there’s absolutely nothing to stop it from changing in reverse. Back to the way it was originally and back to the way it should be. But, because there’s only one person who can control thought it’s down to you to instigate this change. If it were a broken bone or if it were an infection then other qualified people can resolve it for you but there’s no one who can control your thoughts but you.

Where Do I Start To Cure Shy Bladder Syndrome

It starts with understanding what the condition is all about. You’ll find all the info you need on the pages of this website and those of the specialist Paruresis Organisations. You’ll note that it’s surprisingly common and has officially been classified as a form of Social Anxiety Disorder. The key word here is disorder. That means that the something is not in the order that it’s supposed to be in. Things have been moved and not put back correctly. By this we mean your natural responses to needing to pee. You feel fear and aprehension when you shouldn’t. To rectify disorder all we have to do is rearrange things back into the order they were in and are supposed to be in. And this is exactly what you need to do – change your natural responses back to the way they were ordered and the way they are suppsed to be ordered.

Instead of feeling nervous when you need to pee you need to feel confident. To feel as if it’s completely natural because it is! You used to feel this way and you’re supposed to feel this way. So everytime you feel the fear you need to recognise that it’s irrational and makes no sense and start to replace these thougts with rational confident thoughts.

It sounds so easy doesn’t it? To be honest it may not be too difficult but it’s going to take time. Your shy bladder has developed over time and so it’s going to take to reverse it.

Something triggered this disorder at some stage in your earlier years. Some event set a seed of fear in your mind which moved natural responses around and created the disorder. Think back – is there anything you can think of that kicked it off? If you can come up with the original catalyst it may make it easier to resolve.

How To Cure Paruresis And Rectify The Disorder

In order to cure Paruresis and rectify the disorder there are several different methods and options. There’s no “one cure fits all” so what I suggest is that you take a look at all the options and find one that appeals to you and put it to the test. If it doesn’t work or if you find it hard to stick to then try something else. Keep going until you find the method that works best for you.

They key thing here is to understand that it’s YOUR responsibility and you need to be consistant and determined in your approach to treatment.

Some options involve opening up to others and full face to face councelling is a good option. Other tretments can be discretely your own. Self help groups are accessible and advice, support and treatment resources are widely available. So there’s going to be a way to cure paruresis that suits you. Find it and stick to it because if you do this you WILL be cured.

Cure Paruresis – Popular Treatment Options

The links below will take you to articles explaining each of these options, what they are and how they work. Check them out and see which  one you want to try out for yourself.

Some of the above involve face to face counselling, some involve others, some utilise the suport of other sufferers and others can be completely discrete if you prefer that know one else knows. They all work but there’ll be something on the list that works best for you and that you feel comfortable with. Find it and stick to it, cure Paruresis and enjoy the results and your new found confidence and freedom.

My Recommendations

I can only tell you what worked for me.