Self Help Treatments For Shy Bladder Syndrome

Self-help treatments for shy bladder syndrome or Paruresis are well worth considering. Not only can they prove extremely effective they will probably tick alot of boxes when it comes to your own requirements too. Let me explain more.

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Shy Bladder Symdome Treatment

The Shy Bladder Stigma

An article published back in 2006 first described Shy Bladder Syndrome as “a secret phobia”. Nurs Times. 2006 May 9-15;102(19):44-5. Paruresis: a secret phobia. Smith A. The reason it was decribed as such was down the the fact that, in spite of how common it was, nobody spoke about it!

Quite simply this was because of the social stigma attached to such an “embarrassing” condition. It was brushed under the carpet and hidden from the world. Yet it was real and a genuine problem to those who suffered alone and in silence. Each one believing they were the only one. Yet the truth was very different.

It was classified as a form of social anxiety disorder back in 2003. This was endorsed further in a paper written by Philipp Hammelstein and Steven Soifer which was published in 2006 and entitled‘‘Is shy bladder syndrome’’ (paruresis) correctly classified as social phobia?“. That means it sits there alongside all other commonly recognised social phobias such as fear of public speaking, or crouded spaces to name just a couple.

Shy Bladder Today

We’ve come along way since then and there’s a real focus on acceptance of fears, phobias and mental health. There’s campaigns encouraging us all to open up more and talk about things. But still we hear so little about shy bladder sundrome. And that’s pretty disappointing considering it’s estimated to affect arount 7% of the worlds population.

So, like it or not and agree with it or not, we still find it hard to talk about a shy bladder. The embarrassment remains, the fear of ridicule hasn’t gone away and we feel it very difficult to talk about it to anyone – even those closest to us.

Whilst we continue to campaign for acceptance and continue to support initiatives to stimulate more discussion make it more well known we know that sufferers still find it incredibly difficult to open up.

And that’s why self help treatments for shy bladder syndrome prove so popular as a way to cure paruresis.

Why Self Help Treatments For Shy Bladder Syndrome

If people find it hard to talk about shy bladder they’re going to try to hide it. Whilst we’re in no way saying this is right what we are saying is that this is why self-help treatments for shy bladder are so popular. If shy bladder is called the “secret phobia” then self help treatments are the “hidden cure”.

The number one reason is that they provide a way of treating the condition without anyone needing to know. They provide complete discretion and can be followed in total privacy. There are a number of options available:

Shy Bladder Treaatment Books

Whilst the Parurutic may not want to have a bookcase full of shy bladder books on display, the options of e-books and kindle books make for total privacy. And there are plenty of choices – a quick search on Amazon reveals a couple of pages of highly rated books. Most of which are available in the form of kindle downloads. Buy and download discretely – read in private at a time and in a place that suits you.

You can read our recommended shy bladder books here.

Complete Shy Bladder Self Help Treatment Programs

There’s one particular program to take a look at. It’s called the Paruresis Treatment System and is the next best thing to therapy sessions. This one comes in a number of options – a traditional printed program along with a CD version and a download edition. This means that you can choose the most suitable version for your own situation.

It covers a variety of different treatment methods and is highly effective as well as completely discrete.

Click to learn more about the Paruresis Treatment System.

Hypnosis Self Help Treatments For Shy Bladder Syndrome

Being a form of social phobia effective treatment involves re-training the subconcious brain (our auto-pilot) to react in a rational manner. The way it used to respond to public restrooms before the phobia took hold. There’s no better way of doing this than through hypnosis. Instead of having to face a trained hypnotist and instead of having to invest a substantial amount of money in face to face hypnotherapy sessions take a look at self-hypnosis.

The Overcome Shy Bladder self-hyponsis sessions is a very discrete audio download which can be listened to over and over again in complete privacy. It’s highly effective yet, at less than $15, doesn’t cost much. and is fully guaranteed.

You can click here to learn more about the Overcome Shy Bladder self-hyponsis program.

It Worked For Me – It Could Work For You Too

Let me introduce you to the two self-help treatments that worked for me:

DON'T FORGET: As we've said before, you really don't have to just put up with Paruresis. Find out how you too can cure shy bladder syndrome - it may not be as difficult as you think. Find Out How >>>

Shy Bladder Symdome Treatment

Shy Bladder Syndrome – Consider Opening Up

As expressed earlier, we’re not saying than self-help treatments for shy bladder are going to work the best. What we are saying is that we can understand why sufferers may still feel unable to open up about the condition and share it with others. That means that self-help treatments at least provide a way to overcome the condition without anyone knowing.

We would always encourage you to open up though. Don’t forget that it’s estimated that some 7% may suffer with this phobia. That’s around 1 in every 14 people who may be just like you! Opening up to professional, trained therapists will certainly help you. If you’re worried about them not having a clue about the condition remember 1 in 14 … they WILL be fully aware of it and WILL be able to help.

If you don’t want to go the therapy route then at least consider some of the shy bladder organisations who have a wealth of resources available.  Included in these resources are regional self-help groups which enable sufferes to connect with and support each other. This could be face to face in group meetings or electronically over networks, phone and email. Sharing and talking is highly theraputic and can help so consider opening up … if not with friends and loved ones at least with other paruretics.