Shy Bladder Syndrome - The Cure Is Within You And Your Thoughts

On the pages of this website we’ve stated and reiterated many times that Shy Bladder Syndrome is not a physical condition but a psychological issue. Sure, there’s always the chance of a medical condition causing the symptoms in which case it’s a different condition and the reason we always recommend you start with a visit to a medical specialist to rule this out but Shy Bladder Syndrome is a form of Social Anxiety Disorder … a social phobia if you will.

For that reason the way out is within you. It’s your thoughts that’s preventing you from starting a flow, it’s your thoughts that’s causing the anxiety and it’s your thoughts that are making you adapt your life to fit the symptoms.

Your Thoughts Are Your Own

Those thoughts that’s causing you such distress are all yours … you own them. Nobody ever knows what your thinking or can tell you what to think other than you. Many may have tried (I think we call it brain-washing) but what you think about is ultimately up to you.

You may not have considered it before but you can control these thoughts – make a choice what to think about if you like. If you don’t like a thought that pops into yur head you can change it to something different. There’s usually two ways of looking at everything, a negative and a positive. This is what we know as glass half full of half empty. This is probably a god analogy as we all know these kind of people and can relate to it but what’s to stop the glass half empty person for changing the way they think to that of a glass half full person. Simple … nothing is stopping them except themselves. Others may tell them to think differently and look at things in a more positive light but ultimately only the individual has the power to change their thoughts and hence their outlook on life.

Shy Bladder Syndrome – Think About It

OK – back to Shy Bladder Syndrome and how this relates to your symptoms. What I’m suggesting is that YOU are the cause of the condition and hence the cure lies within you. It’s your thoughts that are causing it and, guess what, the only person who can change those thoughts is you.

If that’s the case why this website and all the different treatments I’m suggesting? Study the treatments and what they are doing. I’m not advocating any medicines the bring on a physical cure, every help, treatment and cure I’m suggesting are actually different ways of helping you change your thoughts from the negative “I’m not going to be able to pee” to the positive auto-pilot of “I’m off for a pee – no problem, completely natural”. Sounds simple doesn’t it!

Cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, graduated exposure therapy and all other treatments and therapy options are all about helping YOU to change your thoughts in relation to your shy bladder.

What Needs To Change

No one was born with a shy bladder. Did you have a problem peeing when you needed to as a baby or a toddler? Of course you didn’t, you would go whenever you needed no matter where you were or who was with you. So that means your thoughts have changed somewhere along your lifeline from one of natural freedom to fear and phobia. Conversely, to rectify the issue then all you have to do is change them back to the way they used to be. And, as we’ve established, whilst people can help you with this in various ways and with various forms of supporting therapy, the only person who can change those thoughts is YOU.

Think About Your Thoughts

Think about your thoughts. This may be a hard statement to get your head around but give it a try. When you next need to pee and those shy bladder ripples start building into waves and ultimately a tsunami of terror think about your thoughts. What comes to mind, what are you thinking about, is it being scrutinised, judged, talked about? Whatever comes to mind write it down or consider is it rational (glass half full) or irrational (glass half empty)? Is it the same thoughts that arise each time and hence a consistency? Very often there is and so it becomes obvious which thoughts you need to change. And change them you can. Sure, it may not be immediate, it’s going to take time. Just as your shy bladder developed and worsened over time as your irrational thoughts became more and more real so the opposite is true – it’s going to be a gradual process of reversal back to rational thoughts.

Take The Help

You may think I’m suggesting that there’s no point in therapy or treatments if the only person who can change perception is you. Not at all – help is out there so take it. You can do it yourself but the professional therapists, hypnotherapists, books and support programs are there to help you every step of the way so you might as well take advantage and make life easier for yourself. Examine all the different options, see what “feels right” to you and give it a try. If it doesn’t help try a different way but keep going and keep believing that you CAN change your thoughts and hence change your life and give your bladder its confidence back!

Shy Bladder Syndrome; The Cure Is Within You – Conclusion

As with every part of this website we want to help. All phobias and psychological conditions can really impact on life and shy bladder syndrome is no different. We KNOW the shy bladder syndrome cure is within you and you CAN cure your paruresis. I want to link you to support (some of which we make an affiliate commission out of and some we don’t) but most of all I want to help you believe that you can cure your shy bladder syndrome  and give you the determination to keep going until you’re over it. Good luck – the answer is within you.

What Helped Me Change My Shy Bladder Thoughts

Before I finish this feature let me just tell you about how I beat shy bladder syndrome. There were a couple of treatment programs that helped me change my own shy bladder thoughts: