Paruresis Shy Bladder Organisations Who Can Help

Paruresis Shy Bladder Organisations Who Can Help

Shy Bladder Organisations: If you’ve already scanned the pages of this website you’ll understand that, although not well known, Paruresis, shy bladder syndrome is actually very common throughout the world.

As you might expect therefore, there are a number of national and international shy bladder organisations set up to help and support the millions who suffer from this form of social anxiety and who promote awareness of and reseach into this condition.

Below you’ll find some of the main help bodies with links and contact details.

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Listed below are some of the main Paruresis shy bladder organisations who can help.

International Paruresis Association – #1 In Shy Bladder Organisations

The most established and well known Paruresis organisation is the International Paruresis Association (IPA for short).

The International Paruresis Association was formed back in 1996. It’s a non-profit organisation whose mission is – “to help those affected by this social phobia”.

Over the years the IPA has consistently strived to:

  • Educate both the public and the medical world on the causes, symptoms and effects of Shy Bladder Syndrome.
  • Promotes awareness of this little known yet very widespread phobia.
  • Provide an information flow with the latest news, advancements, details and data.
  • Sponsor workshops and promote research into effective treatments
  • Facilitate self-help and support groups throughout the world.
  • Provide help for all those affected with paruresis to find the right treatment and to support through the stigma, embarrassment and isolation so often associated with Paruresis.

It’s not a big organisation – just a small group of professionals and volunteers. That said they’ve already helped thousands of paruretics (both male and female) across the globe.


Address: International Paruresis Association. PO Box 21237. Catonsville. MD 21228.

Phone Numbers: 800-247-3864 (Main Toll Free) or 443-315-5250 (Local Number).

Email: or

The UK Paruresis Trust

The UK has its own shy bladder organisation – a registered charity under the name The UK Paruresis Trust.

This organisation was established in 1999 although not officially set up unto 2002. It’s completely dedicated to helping paruretics across the UK – men and women who find it difficult or impossible in urinating when others are in the vicinity.

Again, it’s run by a small group professionals and volunteers who are all have first-hand experience so know what you’re going through.

The aims of the UK Paruresis Trust are: “The relief of persons suffering from the social anxiety Avoidant Paruresis (aka Shy Bladder Syndrome)”.

The objectives include:

  • Online based access to information and support.
  • Communication links to fellow sufferers through chat forums and self-help groups.
  • Desensitisation workshops.
  • The promotion of research into causes and effective treatments.
  • Increased awareness of the condition.
  • Improved design of public toilets to enhance privacy.


Address: PO Box 182, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 9AE.


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Paruresis Association of India

Latest estimates suggest that around 90 million Indians living in India (220 million worldwide) suffer from shy bladder syndrome. This is why a specific resource was set up as a: “resource for people who find it difficult or impossible to urinate in the presence of others, either in their own home or in public facilities. Also, for people who have difficulty under the stress of time pressure, when being observed, when others are close by and might hear them, or when traveling on moving vehicles”. This organisation goes under the name of the Paruresis Association of India or PAI for short.

The PAI is actually a division of its parent shy bladder organisation the International Paruresis Association. You can read about this organisation above.

As such the aims and objectives are aligned. It’s all about connecting people, facilitating discussions and providing a platform for self-help and support. It also actively promotes and builds awareness of the condition throughout India.


Paruresis Association Of Australia

Australia is home to approximately 1.3 million shy bladder sufferers. As such the International Paruresis Association has set up a sub-division focussed on providing support throughout Australia. This goes under the name of the Paruresis Association Of Australia.

The aims of this shy bladder organisation are, as you’d expect, fully alligned with th IPA:

  • Education about the condition.
  • Public awareness.
  • Access to information.
  • Help & support to sufferers.

There is a strong emphasis on support with three regional support groups being set up:

Sydney: Contact: John. –

Melbourne: Contact: George. –

Perth: Contact: Bob. –

The PPA Website:

Shy Bladder Organisations – Further Information

The above are just the tip of the iceberg – there are many more shy bladder organisations throughout the world and many of the national organisations filter down into small, regional focussed support groups. Some of these of face to face and others are virtual groups  utilising the positives of social media.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for above then a quick Google search should come up with the local answewrs to you. Check out our Paruresis Frequently Asked Questions too.

Shy Bladder Self Help

Because of the percieved stigma I know how difficult it can be to approach and open up to others. I urge you to consider doing so though – sharing can be liberating and SO helpful. That said, if you’re not ready to do so yet then at least consider the more personal and discrete self help treatment route.

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