How To Make Yourself Pee For A Drugs Test – 5 Steps

How To Make Yourself Pee For A Drugs Test

How to make yourself pee for a drugs test … every paruretics worst nightmare!

I have to confess I’m so fortunate never to have been in this situation but I can truly empathise with you on this scenario. Lets face it , having a shy bladder is difficult enough in social situations but, being forced to pee for a mandatory drugs test takes it to a whole new level! I really feel for you guys if you’re affected by this need to pee to order and can only sympathise as I fully recognise how difficult this additional pressure will be.

I know just how common an issue it is too as this site gets alot of visitors specifically asking for advice on how to make yourself pee for a drugs test. This is why we’ve published this list of five steps you can take if the issue affects you. You can also read more about shy bladder and the drugs test here >>>.

Whilst the situation may not be ideal right now there is hope for the future. The International Paruresis Association is lobbying for drugs testing reform as are the UK Paruresis Trust. This is to prevent what they rightly regard as unfair discrimination against the paruretic. You can read more about this campaign over at the IPA Website.

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How To Make Yourself Pee For A Drugs Test

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How To Make Yourself Pee For A Drugs Test – The Pressure’s On!

These days there’s a variety of different situations which require the need for a mandatory drugs test. This could be by the police or law enforcement, in prison, in various workplaces or sporting environments. Whilst there are now various means of carrying out such tests the urinary test remains the most common form.

A drugs test can be stressful for anyone involved. In fact informal evidence via a Mandatory Drugs Testing (MDT) department in the US military reported that only 30% of all men drugs testes had no problem in providing a sample of pee. Of the remaining 50% struggled to varying degrees but managed to produce in the end but 20% were unable to provide a sample at all and were humiliated by being told to “sit on a bench and drink”!

So, if it’s that hard under normal circumstances just how hard is it to make yourself pee for a drugs test if you’re suffering from shy bladder syndrome?

How To Make Yourself Pee For A Drugs Test – 5 Steps

Again, let me stress my sympathy if you’re in this situation. Whilst it’s not pleasant there are things you can do and steps you can take in order to solve the problem. Here are our 5 steps on how to make yourself pee for a drugs test.

Step 1 – Get A Diagnosis

The first thing you should do is to pay a visit to your doctor, medical practitioner or professional to get an “official” diagnosis of Paruresis.

Explain your drugs testing concerns and explain the reason for wanting such a diagnosis. Once you have this formal Paruresis diagnosis it cannot be argued against and will be taken seriously and regarded as genuine.

Talking to your doctor may also result in potential treatment options or referrals to a local specialist therapist or help-group.

Step 2 – Open Up

Once you have your diagnosis you need to make people aware of your condition. You don’t need to announce it to the world, just formally inform the person / department responsible for organising the drugs test.

You’ll probably need to explain the condition and the fact that it’s an official form of social anxiety disorder. Linking them to authority websites may help to – we suggest:

If people know about your social anxiety disorder (which is what shy bladder syndrome is officially classified as) then action may be the taken to recognise and make provisions for your condition. To give you an example in the UK the Mandatory Drugs Test staff have been issued with the following guidelines in respect of the drugs testing of prisoners:

“Some prisoners have a psychological condition called shy bladder syndrome which prevents them passing urine if they are observed or pressurised. The problem may or may not be linked to other, more serious, psychological problems; it may be more common among young offenders than among adult prisoners. If a prison officer suspects a prisoner cannot provide a sample because of this problem, there are two possible approaches:

  1. a) the prisoner must be allowed more time at the toilet without the time pressure to provide an immediate sample and a reduced level of observation; and
  2. b) if this fails, the prisoner, after a full strip search, may be provided with a sample collection cup and allowed to provide a sample in compete privacy in a cell with internal sanitation (water must be blued and the flush must not be accessible from inside the cell).”

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Step 3 – Discuss Options

You’ve got your diagnosis, you’ve informed the drugs testing team, now it’s time to discuss options with them. For examples:

  • Is it possible for you to take an alternative type of drugs test by providing a blood, breath or saliva sample?
  • Can a urinary drugs test be replaced by a hair test?
  • Is the provision of additional privacy and additional time a possibility?

If an alternative means of testing is not possible it should be possible to agree some additional degree of privacy to satisfy the needs of both parties.

Step 4 – Plan In Advance

Sometimes this is not possible but if you are given even some additional notice of a urinary drugs test it means that you can plan ahead and fill up with fluids (water) which will make it far easier to make yourself pee. Additional fluids will not affect the accuracy of the result – all they will do is make it easier to start a flow.

Step 5 – Use A Catheter

As a last resort and after the steps laid out above then there’s always the use of a catheter to fall back on.

A catheter is a thin tube made out of extremely flexible plastic or rubber which can be inserted into the urethra and pushed up to the bladder. At this stage there’s probably a lot of men crossing their legs at the very thought of doing this but, believe it or not, it’s not painful or too uncomfortable – it just takes a little practice. For more information you can read our feature about self catheterization for paruresis.

You can buy catheters very easily (even from Amazon) and don’t need to rely on anyone else doing the inserting – you can easily learn to do it yourself. Once in position it’s just a case of turning on the tap and, hey presto, there’s your sample!

As we said though – this should be the fall-back position if it’s not been possible to agree on any alternative solution. Sometimes just telling the testers and showing them the catheter is enough to make them realise it’s a genuine issue and to agree on some other way of testing.

What if they won’t budge?

If you follow the 5 steps on how to make yourself pee for a drugs test as listed above one would hope it won’t get to this stage. But if the drugs testing team won’t budge then we suggest you get the International Paruresis Association or the UK Paruresis Trust involved or speak to a legal advisor. There’s a genuine case for disability discrimination.

How To Make Yourself Pee For A Drugs Test – Self-Help

Whilst the steps above are designed to provide a fast solution to the question of how to make yourself pee for a drugs test perhaps it’s time to find a permanent solution to you shy bladder syndrome. That needn’t involve costly and time consuming therapy (unless you prefer to go that route) as there are a number of self-help treatments that really do work.

The one listed below is a particular favourites of mine as it worked for me – why not check it out and give it consideration?

How To Make Yourself Pee For A Drugs Test

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How To Make Yourself Pee For A Drugs Test – Useful Links

We hope our 5 steps to resolve the question of how to make yourself pee tips for a drugs test have proved helpful. Whilst it’s not a pleasant situation at all there is usually a solution but it does involve you being honest with and opening up to those involved in the drugs testing. Paruresis is nothing to be ashamed of at all and it’s more common than you’d think so there’s no need to hide it. Just be open, be honest and you should get fair treatment,

A few other useful links:

UK Paruresis Trust

International Paruresis Association

Bashful Bladders Bring Problems For Employers

National Drug Screening

New York Times

Good luck … let us know how you get on.

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