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Shy Bladder Treatment Reviews: You found yourself here because you’re looking for an effective shy bladder treatment and want to learn how to make yourself pee and how to rid yourself of the cause, effect, embarrassment  and stigma of shy bladder syndrome or paruresis once and for all … right?

Well, first of all,  thank you for finding your way here today and, rest assured, there are a number of shy bladder treatments that work so help IS at hand and there IS a way to do this and it may not be as tough as you first think!

If you’ve landed on this page after reading other articles on this site you’ll already be aware that we’re great believers in the self-help type shy bladder treatments. The reason we recommend this kind of treatment method so highly is that, in our opinion, the chances of success are MUCH higher than any other method … read on to find out why.

Benefits Of A Self-Help Shy Bladder Treatment Program

We highly recommend this form of shy bladder treatment because we feel that the success rates are significantly higher than other treatments – there are a number of good reasons for this:

Privacy & Discretion:

Let’s face it, shy bladder syndrome is not the kind of thing you hear discussed in public. How many times have you been out with your friends and ended up in a discussion about not being able to pee in public? It simply doesn’t happen because it’s one of those phobias (yes – it’s officially classified as a form of social phobia) that sufferers feel they have to keep to themselves for fear of ridicule and embarrassment … although with the amount of people affected by this condition worldwide it’s nothing to be ashamed about at all! The self-help treatment program means that the paruretic need not tell a sole and can follow the program in their own time, at a place and time that suits them, discretely and in complete privacy … no one need know.


What works for one may not work for all and that’s why the good self-help treatment programs work with a diversity of methods meaning that the paruretic can try out different methods to see what works for them. It could be graduated exposure therapy, breathe hold or therapy … they’re all covered. Better still, you can go at your own pace and try out these differing methods at a time and in a place that suits you best.

Read Or Listen:

With a self-help system the choice is yours. If you prefer to read in privacy and follow written instructions then download the e-course. If you prefer, or if it’s easier for you to listen then get the CDs or MP3 files. Both methods work equally well so go for the way that you think will fit in best with your own circumstances and way of life … or select the Paruresis Treatment Program (below) that gives you access to both options together.


Any self-help shy bladder treatments program that’s worth considering will automatically come with a full money back guarantee. If it doesn’t then don’t waste your hard earned cash on it! Common sense really but these money back guarantees do demonstrate confidence in delivering results.


All our shy bladder treatment reviews are in relation to completely natural treatments. No drugs, medications, toxins and so nothing to concern yourself about at all.

Which Treatment Works:

OK – you’ve convinced me of the benefits of a self-help shy bladder treatments program … but which one do I go for?

Actually, we’re not going to tell you that you must buy a specific program because everyone is different (and it’s always good to shop around). However we do have a couple of recommendations that we’ve detailed below.

Should you decide to buy any treatment program as a result of clicking one of the links below we are paid a commission. We would like to assure you that this doesn’t influence our recommendations and it does not mean that you are paying more either – in fact you may be buying for less as a result of the deals we are able to pass on to you. It’s appreciated greatly. It helps towards our site costs, upkeep  and, more importantly, our future development as we want to build a resource that can really help.

Shy Bladder Treatment Reviews

We’ve reviewed some of the more popular shy bladder treatment programs and resources on the market today. Read our shy bladder treatment reviews, check out our thoughts and verdicts on the effectiveness and value for money of each:


#1 The Paruresis Treatment System

When it comes to a really good all round self-help treatment program we think it will be hard to find a better one than our top recommended system:

The Paruresis Treatment System

Paruresis Treatment System may not be the cheapest of the self help shy bladder treatment programs but it is,without a doubt, one of THE most comprehensive and best paruresis treatments on the market today.

Simple step by step approach yet powerful and guaranteed to work or your money back – no questions asked.

If you’re serious about beating shy bladder syndrome then this one cannot fail you.

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#2 The Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome Program

Being a self-hypnosis treatment program this one’s a little more of a focused treatment but effective nonetheless. Oh … and it’s less than $15!

Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome Program

The Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome Program is a self-hypnosis audio download that’s specifically tailored to treat shy bladder syndrome.

As you know paruresis is caused by an irrational auto response of the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is the perfect way to re-program the brain to respond rationally.

Instant audio download to listen to over again in your own time. Totally discrete and, at just $14.95, incredibly cost effective.

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Shy Bladder Book Reviews

In this section we’ve also picked out a list of the top books (in various formats) and included a short list of our recommended shy bladder book reviews.

We’ll be adding more as they are published and after they’ve been reviewed.

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Useful Information

We know how much Shy Bladder Syndrome can affect life. Also we know the psychological effects it has and how much it can inhibit you on a day to day basis. It’s officially classed as a social phobia after all! We also know just how common the condition is yet how little it is spoken about. And how uncomfortable it can be to bring the subject up – even with those “nearest and dearest”. It’s estimated that around 7% of the worlds population suffer with this phobia to varying degrees … That’s 21 million people in America alone and 220 million across the globe yet it’s still not talked about!

Useful Links

Shy Bladder Syndrome has it’s own Wikipedia page where you learn more – Paruresis On Wikipedia

There is an official International Paruresis Association where you can find more support in the US and globally, there is also the UK Paruresis Trust for help specific to the UK,  there’s a Paruresis Association Of Australia and many other countries also have there own similar representative bodies and help organisations. That gives you an idea of just how seriously this condition is taken.

Read Our Shy Bladder Treatment Reviews – You CAN Beat Paruresis

We also know that it CAN be beaten … and by all sufferers. Sure, it may not be easy (nothing ever is) but, if you’re serious about it, you CAN do it and we think that either of the above self help treatment systems can help significantly … you can retain the privacy and discretion but gain the support you need and no longer feel alone.

Whichever treatment program you eventually decide to go for we hope it works and wish you every success.

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Once again, thanks for your visit which we hope you found useful and good luck with you quest to learn how to make yourself pee and to overcome shy bladder syndrome.