So far I’ve explained all about paruresis and looked at the various shy bladder treatment options. For those who want to know more, there are numerous books on the market which can help. In this feature I’m going to look at the most popular and make my suggestions based on my shy bladder book reviews.

Shy Bladder Book Reviews

Shy Bladder Book Reviews

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Below you will find a list of the top shy bladder books – I hope they may help. Please remember that all links to the books below are paid links:

#1 Book For Women With Shy Bladder:

Whilst the condition may be the same for both men and women the way it manifests itself can be very different. Sure, it’s less common in women but often it’s a more severe form of anxiety than in men. General treatment is the same for both sexes but women can benefit greatly from a more specific treatment approach.

There are relatively few resources specifically for females but there’s one really good shy bladder book for women with paruresis called: Bathrooms Make Me Nervous.

Shy Bladder Books For Women

What makes this book so good is the fact it has been compiled by the “Princess Of Pee”, Carol Olmert. Carol has spent over 40 years battling against paruresis and this book is a result of her own experiences and knowledge. She knows her stuff too! She’s served as a board member at the International Paruresis Association and regularly holds workshops specifically to help women overcome shy bladder. So you just know this book is going to be good!

Bathrooms Make Me Nervous is the first book to explore the condition of paruresis purely from a woman’s point of view.

If you’re a woman suffering from shy bladder this book is a must read. I think it’s worth a read by men too. Find Out More >>>.

#1 Informational Book On Paruresis:

Of all the various books on the subject of paruresis this one is one of the latest and most comprehensive to be published.

It’s aptly entitled: The Secret Social Phobia – Shy Bladder Syndrome (Paruresis) and is written by Steven Soifer, Ph.D., LCSW-C (MD).

The Secret Social Phobia was published at the end of 2017 and is packed full of 241 pages of facts, data and information. It also contains strategies and simple exercises to help desensitize yourself to the pee preventing anxiety of public restrooms. It’s particularly helpful in teaching graduated exposure techniques which can prove incredibly beneficial.

A great read and available in paperback and kindle format and also as an audio book. Find Out More >>>.

#1 Shy Bladder Treatment Step By Step Guide:

This book may only be available in kindle format but, if you’re serious about overcoming shy bladder syndrome, it’s certainly one for the library.

It’s called: Loud and Proud – The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide To Overcoming Shy Bladder Syndrome and was been put together by an ex-paruretic who knows what you’re going through and can help with treatments known to work.

paruresis book reviews

Loud and Proud – The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide To Overcoming Shy Bladder Syndrome is written in a way that’s comprehensive but very easy to understand. Part one covers the condition itself and part two goes on to detail a step by step treatment guide to help you beat shy bladder syndrome

It’s a shame it’s not available as a physical product but the electronic edition may well suit the majority. Find Out More >>>.


There is also another kindle format book which is also worth a look:

This one’s called: How To Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome (Paruresis) And Take Full Charge Of Your Life.

shy bladder book reviews
This one is a short, concise publication detailing the 5 rules which may take you out of your comfort zone but are effective in beating paruresis once and for all.

Only available in a Kindle format and a very quick, short read so not for everyone. Worth a look though. Find Out More >>>.

#1 Self Help Guide:

The final book we wanted to tell you about is a self help guide. It’s based on one mans actual battle against paruresis.

It’s called: Pee Shy to Pee Free: How One Man Overcame Paruresis and How You Can Too with these Practical Action Steps to Cure Bashful Bladder.

Pee Shy To Pee Free will answer all your questions. It will also teach you strategies which will build your confidence and also reprogram your mind. This will eliminate shy bladder anxieties and to keep you free from this condition forevermore. The strategies themselves are taught in a simple step by step manner making practice very easy. Better still, they really do work.

This one’s available in kindle and paperback format. Find Out More >>>.

Shy Bladder Book Reviews Conclusion

It’s one of those conditions which you hear little about and is rarely discussed. Yet, it is a REAL issue for a very high percentage of the population. This is why there are a somewhat surprisingly high number of books and resources on the market today.

The one’s I’ve detailed above are just a few. They represent the books we think you should check out first.

Of course, if you’re specifically looking for an effective cure you may want to check out my other shy bladder treatment reviews.

I hope this has helped.