Shy bladder syndrome is officially known as paruresis and affects a perhaps surprising 7% of the grown-up populace in the United States. For some people, shy bladder is a rare frustration, cured by something as simple as turning on a faucet. In others, it is a tenacious nightmare, making it unbearable to urinate with only the risk of someone possibly close. Unfortunately, this state has been discharged by urologists, who basically considers it as mental and emotional matter, as well as by psychologists, who largely contemplate it as a phobia with basic causes such as anxiety illness. That’s why we’ve put together this website in order to offer aid for you and to make your realise that you’re not alone, that this disorder is real and that there is a remedy.

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About Us – We Know What You’re Going Through

This disease can be agonizing, troublesome, uncomfortable, and even distressing for many people, especially those with severe cases. We understand shy bladder – its symptoms, how it upsets your life, and how to treat it forever. Our site is devoted to present to you the best shy bladder treatments accessible online, as well as offer you free info to help you cure yourself of this condition.

About Us: We understand that, shy bladder syndrome is a very embarrassing and awkward topic to be discussed, that is why we make sure that we will give you the best info that will offer the best to cure and remedy to this condition. Our aim is simply to help all those individuals who are suffering silently with shy bladder syndrome and offer some relief to them. We want to help all the people who don’t know what to do by simply giving accurate information, tips and cure to do this disease.

OK, we may not be medical experts but we do understand what you are going through and how difficult it is to talk about or find support for Paruresis. That’s why we want to help … by publishing useful articles and tips, linking to products and services that make a difference and even providing an anonymous platform where you can ask questions.

About Us – Our Story

Tom Brewer is the experience behind this site. For years Tom was a Paruretic but has regained control and has his life back!

Shy Bladder Syndrome Paruresis

Tom was a late developer who was teased back in early high school. He didn’t know at the time the effects this would have on him. As a result of the teasing Tom would always find a cubicle to pee in or wait until he got home. Over time this developed into a scenario whereby he found himself unable to pee in the openness of a public toilet and, instead of choosing to find a closed door cubicle, Tom found himself unable to Pee unless he was either alone in the toilet or actually in a cubicle.

The situation deteriorated further to the point whereby Tom found himself unable to start a flow even when alone in a toilet for fear of someone else entering it. So he had to find a cubicle or not go at all.

The Result …

This doesn’t sound too much of an issue but finding a cubicle is not often easy without queuing or waiting for one to become available. This meant that often, whilst out with friends of colleagues, Tom would disappear for much longer than expected thus raising concerned questions from his companions and the need for excuses. The direct result of this situation meant that Tom felt embarrassed and would put off going to a public toilet whenever possible. Sometimes he would go home early, sometimes he would refuse an invitation purely because of this fear!

Whilst it perhaps didn’t affect his life as much as it does do some others it was not a good situation. At this stage Tom thought he was the only one suffering like this. He had not discussed it with anyone and had never heard of Paruresis or Shy Bladder Syndrome. Tom decided to research and was absolutely amazed to find it was a real condition and a recognised form of social anxiety. He was also blown away by the numbers of people just like him.

Best of all he found ways to treat the condition … ways that are all detailed in the pages of this website. He has spoken to experts and fellow sufferers and tried out different treatment programs.

As a result, Tom is now able to pee on demand – no matter what the situation. This website is designed to give back a little, share experiences and help … even just a little.

Openness & Clarity

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Finally … don’t forget that you are not alone. There are more people that you’d ever image just like you … estimate of up to 220 million worldwide and, as such, there are other organisations who can help:

International Paruresis Association

UK Paruresis Trust

Good luck … you CAN beat Paruresis.