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Paruresis hypnosis: Did you know it’s possible to re-educate your unconscious mind to let yourself urinate easily whenever or wherever you need to go? Did you also know that to do this is easier than you think without lengthy training or expensive resources? I’m talking about using hypnosis to treat shy bladder and … it really DOES work!

If you find it difficult or almost impossible to pee when others are nearby or likely to be around then I urge you to read on as this simple solution could change your life.

Using Hypnosis To Cure Shy Bladder Syndrome

Firstly, to put your mind at rest, contrary to popular misconception. Hypnosis to treat shy bladder is not about those humiliating stage shows. It’s not about someone else taking control of your mind. It’s about YOU re-educating your mind to enable it to react to everyday situations in a different, more positive, manner.

There are many different styles of hypnosis to treat shy bladder. Just as in everything in life, there’s good, bad and indifferent. This is why we suggest that you look at the proven methods that have worked time and time again.

Everyone can be hypnotised which the exception of those with extremely low IQ or those with damage to the brain. For anyone who’s a little sceptical (we fully understand this feeling) we urge you to keep an open mind and not to dismiss it as some form of mumbo jumbo! It’s not about anything weird it’s simply a deliberate utilization of the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or dream state. It’s completely natural and something that you can learn to do yourself. Hypnosis does not mean losing control. It’s about a total relaxed and focused state and one which you can step out of at any stage you wish.

Paruresis Hypnosis – Is It The Same As NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming or, as we better know it, NLP has only been around since the 1970s. It’s often confused with hypnosis but, although there are links and close similarities, the two follow very different processes. The actual differences are a little difficult to explain in a simple form … but let’s give it a go!

Hypnosis involves relaxation of the mind. The eyes are usually closed and the subject goes into a trance like state. The objective is to re-program the unconscious and fully relaxed mind by “talking” directly to it without any part of the conscious mind blocking the way.

NLP differs slightly in so far as there’s no prior relaxation and rather than inducing a trance, the conscious mind is, in effect, bypassed  through the use of perceptual, behavioral, and communication techniques. Once the subconscious mind is reached it can then, as with hypnosis, be re-programmed.

Apologies if that’s as clear as mud … I said the differences may be difficult to explain!

Both methods are great tools in the effective treatment of shy bladder syndrome. Hypnosis tend to me more common, popular and often more cost effective than NLP for Paruresis. For that reason we’ll focus on using hypnosis to treat shy bladder.

Paruresis And The Need For Hypnosis Cure

As we both know well, Paruresis is not a subject that gets discussed very much. This is why you may not realize just how common it is and how many people struggle the same, or worse, than you.

It’s an embarrassing condition that’s associated with social anxiety. At it’s worse it can put people off from leaving their homes or going out.

It doesn’t mean you have a confidence issue though. It’s just that, for whatever reason, your mind has conditioned a response which has developed into a physical habit.  In other words you’re in a public restroom, someone come in or is likely to come in and your mind says – nope, sorry, stand or sit there as long as you like but nothing’s going to come out!

There’s usually some form of trigger that started this irrational response … something that kicked it off in the past. And that’s why hypnosis works so well. It can identify the cause and change your minds natural / automatic response to a more rational one. One that says that says “OK, you’re here to pee so let’s go!” rather than “public toilet … time to clamp up”. It’s job done (so to speak) and you’re cured. That’s exactly what hypnosis is all about.

Overcome Shy Bladder With A Hypnosis Download

Now I’d like to introduce you to a specific hypnosis session that’s designed to teach your unconscious mind to take back control of your urinary function. After this you’ll be able to go into any bathroom and be able to pee to order and find that the whole process happens comfortably, naturally and all by itself.

You’re probably surprised that there is a specific hypnosis program for paruresis but that perhaps demonstrate just how common the condition actually is. The particular download I recommend is called, very aptly, Overcome Shy Bladder  and is in the form of an audio hypnosis session which you can listen to over and over again in complete confidence and whenever / wherever suits you.

You’ll learn to relax and, in time:

  • Get into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation each time you listen.
  • Feel an increased sensation of inner calm.
  • Develop a sense of being your own master and in control.
  • Develop to ability to ignore others when it’s appropriate to do so.
  • Start to feel totally comfortable in public restrooms.
  • Almost forget there was ever an issue.

It sound so easy and it really is. It’s delivered instantly in the form of an audio download that can be accessed from any audio device or via the free app which can be downloaded immediately after purchase. Alternatively, the program can be delivered physically on CD if you prefer. Better still it’s not a treatment that’s going to break the bank. You may be surprised to hear that it actually costs less than $15. It’s yours to keep and listen to over and over again – at a time and place convenient for you and in complete confidence too. Click Here To Find Out More >>>

Use Hypnosis To Treat Shy Bladder Because It Really Works

Still sceptical … of course you are (I know I was).  To give you greater confidence that hypnosis to treat shy bladder really will work every download is crafted by a team of 4 experienced hypnotherapists. This means you are getting the very best self-hypnosis available. With over 24,000 people trained and more than 600,000 mp3 audios purchased, this session is brought to you by the world’s largest hypnosis provider. However, not all downloads work equally well for everybody. If you find this doesn’t do what you wanted, simply let us know within 90 days and we will refund you in full. No questions asked.

I’ve had numerous highly positive results reported to us. Sure, it’s not instant and it does require you to listen repeatedly but, over a little time, you’ll find your minds automatic response gradually changing and yourself being able to pee freely.

Less than $15, fully guarantee and proven to work for thousands – what have you got to lose (except your inability to pee) You have to at least read more about it and consider giving this a try. Read Our Review >>>.

It Worked For Me

Whilst I used this program in conjuction with an additional treatment I can honestly say it made a big difference to me. I actually still use it now whenever I feel the need.