How To Make Yourself Pee And Overcome Shy Bladder

How to make yourself pee when you really need to go? Lets study the options together to find the right solution for you.

For a great many people, particularly men, shy bladder syndrome is an awkward and somewhat embarrassing reality and, take it from me, I know what youre going through. Often this condition has deep psychological roots. Roots which may not always be obvious and hence can be difficult to treat. Take it from me though, it really is possible to overcome shy bladder, take back control and start living again!

If you’re looking for that miracle cure or magic treatment that makes Paruresis disappear overnight then forget it! With all such social anxiety conditions it’s proven to take a little time, effort, determination and commitment from you. Trust me when I say it’s worth it though – the freedom you’ll feel is liberating.

I think you’ll be surprised at just how many tested and proven help options there are available to you. But nothing works for everyone so be prepared to try a few different options and see what you feel most comfortable with and what works best in your particular case.

The positive to remember … there is always a way to conquer shy bladder and to learn how to make yourself pee again … that is if you really want to and youre up for the challenge! I did it and if I can you can too.

Paruresis – How To Make Yourself Pee

Any paruretic will tell you and we both know, shy bladder syndrome can make for a lonely world. How many times have you sat in a bar with friends and discussed it? How often do you see people reading about it? The answers are probably never! It’s one of those conditions that’s regarded as funny, weird or embarrassing. One that somehow means you’re left to feel less of a person.

I’ve noticed more publicity of late but the way that people regard this condition isn’t going to change overnight. So, right now, if you’re struggling to make yourself pee when you need to, I’m pretty sure you won’t feel particularly comfortable about discussing with friends or family. If youre anything like me you’ll prefer to treat or manage it yourself, discretely and in complete privacy.

I can relate to this and, whilst being confident and comfortable enough to share with a close confidante will certainly help the process, I’m not going to suggest that you publicise it to the world because you CAN overcome shy bladder syndrome by yourself. No one else need know.

How To Make Yourself Pee For A Drugs Test

I have to confess I’m so fortunate never to have been in this situation but I can truly empathise with you on this scenario … a Paruretics worst nightmare I amagine! Lets face it , having a shy bladder is difficult enough in social situations but, being forced to pee for a mandatory drugs test takes it to whole new level! I really feel for you guys.

This site gets alot of visitors asking how to make yourself pee for a drugs test so I know how common an issue it is. I can only sympathise but I do fully recognise how difficult this additional pressure is. You can read more about shy bladder and the drugs test here >>>.

Whilst the situation may not be ideal right now there is hope for the future. The International Paruresis Association is lobbying for drugs testing reform. This is to prevent what they rightly regard as unfair discrimination against the paruretic. You can read more about this campaign over at the IPA Website.

As a positive though, the 5 ways to help you overcome shy bladder that we’re going to look at will work in all secnarios. This includes having to pee to order for a drugs test.

How To Make Yourself Pee For A Drugs Test – This May Help:

I suggest that you also consider the Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome self-help program Its a hynotherapy program so I understand any scepticism you may have. That said I urge you to please keep an open mind on this because it does actually work! Extra benefits too include the fact its a totally discrete audio download.

Its a short focussed session lasting just over 16 minutes. You can therefore listen wherever and whenever you want or need to and as often as you want. Its also highly cost effective – less than $15 plus a 90 day money back guarantee. This is what I’ve used and can honestly say it helped me alot. Check it out for yourself and see what you think: Click Here >>>

So … let me get back to the shy bladder treatment tips! On this page of the website I’ve put together a few tips to overcome shy bladder – I hope they help or at least inspire you to seek out a treatment option that works for you.

My 5 Tips To Help You Overcome Shy Bladder.

First of all let me say that there’s no guarantee that these methods will work instantly, it might take a while for your mind toadjust. Keep at it though because you CAN overcome shy bladder and learn how to make yourself pee again – no matter where you are and who’s around.

Tip 1: Trust Your Instincts And Practise Relaxation.

Let me remind you, there’s nothing physical that’s stopping you from peeing – it’s all in your mind. Your body may be telling you you need to go but it’s your subconscious mind that’s over-ruling this natural urge. That is unless it feels in a safe, secure and totally private environment. So, with that being the case, all you have to do is relax your mind and let your body lead the way. Sounds really simple doesn’t it! In reality though it’s going to take time as your mind is pretty damn powerful and has likely been allowed to control things for far too long.

Therefore, my first tip is to learn to relax. Great options to try are:

  • Practise progressive muscular relaxation

    This is all about tensing particular muscles in your body and progressively ease the tension to release anxiety. The theory behind this is that when your body feels relaxed you won’t feel anxious. Try tensing different muscle groups as you breathe in deeply and relax them as you breathe out.

  • Breathing exercises

    These can be remarkably relaxing and can be done anywhere, anytime. Make yourself comfortable (sit, stand, lie – it doesn’t matter). Breathe in deeply and slowly through the nose. Feel the inhale all the way down to your stomach. Count slowly to five as you do so. Don’t hold you breath, just release it again gradually though the mouth and again counting to five. Keep this up for three to five minutes or so and feel the anxiety slip away.

  • Practise yoga to calm your mind

    Yoga is proven to improve your sense of well-being and your mood. It can therefore aid in the management of stress and anxiety brought on by shy bladder syndrome. There are many online resources available but we suggest you consider a local yoga club.

  • Learn meditation

    Meditation can curb your anxiety and stress levels, thereby helping you treat your shy bladder syndrome. In effect meditation slows down the subconcious mind thereby allowing you to put things better in perspective. It can leave you calm, relaxed, balanced and in focus and can thereby really help any fight against anxiety. There are so many available online resources to help teach you the basics.

  • Self hypnosis for shy bladder syndrome

    How To Make Yourself Pee Hypnosis works by, in effect, reprogramming the mind to respond differently (more rationally) to a particular situation. This can really help as you can specifically target the reaction of the mind in respect of paruresis and it’s natural response to urinating.

    Forget that staged hypnosis “entertainment” dumbo-jumbo – that’s not what I’m talking about. We’re talking about hypnotherapy which can be done face to face or through a self-hypnosis program.

    I suggest you don’t write this off as it proved very effective. I still use it today. Learn more about paruresis hypnosis >>>.

Tip 2: Start With The Graduated Exposure Therapy.

This one is all about gradually increasing your confidence. Try urinating in different washrooms under different circumstances and with different degrees of difficulty. Studies carried out by the International Paruresis Association (IPA) show that more than 80% of sufferers succeeded in overcoming shy bladder using this method.

Let me explain as simply as possible. Graduated exposure is basically about gradual desensitisation. Forcing yourself into increasingly uncomfortable situations on a step by step, gradual basis. Building up confidence until you feel comfortable enough to pee antwhere without concern. This can be quite difficult to do alone and is often tackled in support groups or with the help of what’s known as a “pee buddy”! What on earth is a pee buddy I hear you ask? Well, believe it or not, they are pretty common. Basically it’s a close friend or confidant who helps you to get over shy bladder syndrome. In the case of graduated exposure, they can stand behind or next to you in a public toilet pretending to impatiently wait for a urinal whilst gradually getting closer and closer.

It takes guts to do this but it’s proven to be a highly successful solution for paruresis.

Learn more about Graduated Exposure Therapy >>>

Tip 3: Use A Distraction.

If you find it difficult to urinate, try distracting yourself. You can distract yourself with other thoughts – thoughts that keep you away from concentrating on what your body is doing. Once you learn to divert your attention from the action, your stress levels will come down. That means your body will overrule the mind and carry out its natural function.

Exactly how you distract yourself is up to you. What works for one may not work for another. It could be particular thoughts, counting, listening to music, sounds or audio books. Think about your happy place, an upcoming holiday or something nice or exciting … these are just a few examples to help you. I suggest that you consider what distractive thoughts may work for you and give it a try.

Tip 4: Take A Friend.

Back to the pee-buddy again! If you find it difficult to distract yourself, take along a confidante or a trusted friend who will not judge you. Instead he or she will be there to support and give you that little bit more confidence. And given that you will be together, you might be talking to him or her it thereby provides the distraction (talked about above) whilst your body takes care of itself.

This “how to make yourself pee” method is similar to graduated exposure but on a more “informal” basis and works pretty well if your symptoms are not too severe. If nothing else, it will help you build confidence and enables you to practice the distraction method above and the breath hold technique which I’ll explain below.

Tip 5: Hold Your Breath.

Holding your breath will increase the level of carbon dioxide in the system. In turn, an increased level of CO2 is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and aid relaxation. This, in turn, reduces stress levels. It also causes the urinary sphincter muscle to relax that will help you to “start a flow” and urinate.

It’s a fairly simple process but it needs a little practice. It involves breathing in as normal but only exhaling around three quarters of your in breath. You then hold this breath – starting with just a few seconds but building up over time to being able to hold it for around 45 seconds.

I must insist that you consider this technique with great care. ALWAYS discuss a breath-hold plan with a medical professional first. Only practise it in a safe environment, build up gradually and stop immediately if you get any form of adverse reaction whatsoever.

Learn more about the Paruresis Breath Hold Technique >>>.

Treatment Programs To Overcome Shy Bladder

I mentioned the two specific shy bladder treatment programs that worked for me and so dont write these off. These programs (and others are available) can really help – especially if (like me) you find it hard to even consider talking to anyone about it!

Even though it little talked about Paruresis is more common than perhaps you first realised. It affects up to 7% of the population so youre really NOT alone. And because its so common there are plenty of resources and self-help treatment programs available.

To help I’ve put together a shortlist of our favourite books on shy bladder syndrome. You can access this list and read my Shy Bladder Book Reviews here.

There’s also the two highly effective self-help treatment programs that worked for me. You may want to check out my Shy Bladder Treatment Reviews here.

How To Make Yourself Pee – The Bottom Line

There you have it: how to make yourself pee. 5 ways to help you overcome shy bladder that you must try. I hope you’ve found this article to be of help. I also really hope that you will find the right solution to help you learn how to make yourself pee.

Don’t forget that nothing works for everyone. So try out a few different techniques and see what works best for you.

Good luck … you can do it!

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