Paruresis Treatment System Review

Paruresis Treatment System Review: Paruresis is a medical name used to describe the inability to pee in public. This condition is also known as Shy bladder, bashful bladder, shy pee or stage fright. Shy bladder is a mental condition and is not associated with a physical problem. The Paruresis Treatment System is a really powerful and comprehensive self help program specifically designed to help you overcome shy bladder syndrome. And … IT WORKS!

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Paruresis Explained

Pee ShyThere are different levels of severity with this disorder. Some people may be able to urinate in a private cubicle (in a public toilet) without any problems as long as they know no one is watching them. However, this is always hard since they have to deal with the fact that people can hear them which is sometimes a major problem for people with shy bladder. On the extreme side, the sufferer is not able to relieve him or herself in public toilets at all and will wait until he/she gets home.

The presence of other people does not necessarily have to be real for paruresis sufferers. The imagined presence of others, or the thought someone could walk into the restroom at any time is enough to put many people away.

Shy bladder is most common in men but some women also suffer from this problem. The condition affects approximately 1 out of 7 in the world.

Causes of Shy Bladder

The cause of this disorder can be traced to a traumatic event during the early adolescence years of the sufferer. It is believed that a difficult training period, physical abuse, bullying and sexual abuse can lead to this problem.

Everything is physically alright with the individuals and when he/she is alone at home he can easily urinate. However, anxiety brought on by thoughts of someone hearing them and the desire to leave the toilet when in a public place only leads to more anxiety. The anxiety causes the Urethral Sphincter to shut down. Urethral Sphincter controls the passage of urine from the body. When this happens, the individual cannot urinate.

Symptoms Of Shy Bladder Syndrome

paruresis1. Anxiety using the toilet

Many sufferers build up complex avoidance behaviors, waiting until they know that a public bathroom is totally empty before entering. Just the simple thought of having to use the toilet when they are not alone causes anxiety. Such people get extremely comfortable when someone is visiting them at their homes. This anxiety causes the urethral sphincter.

2. Stranded social life

People who suffer from this disorder hate going out with their friends. This is because they are afraid of having to use the toilet. Such people will also avoid drinking alcohol or coffee because of their diuretic effects or learning to hold their bladder for extended periods of time.

3. Cannot urinate away from home

The bladder is full but still they cannot empty it, because they are not in a totally private environment. Basically, the sufferer gets a feeling that a public restroom is not ‘safe’.

Most people with Paruresis don’t know they have a recognized condition. They simply suffer in silence thinking that they are simply different to other people. If you suffer from one or more of afore mentioned symptoms, then you need to look for help.

The good news is that you can now fight this condition without spending your money on expensive medicine or wasting your precious time on regular meetings with your doctor. Since the Paruresis Treatment System hit the headlines, you now can stop that anxiety that has prevented you from urinate normally.

The Paruresis Treatment System Review

This complex system developed by Dr. Cheryl Lane and Rich Presta is a powerful, yet comprehensive tool specially designed to help you overcome this condition and get rid of that shyness to urinate in the presence of other people. This powerful treatment method has worked wonders for thousands of people from all over the world who can now enjoy a comfort and freedom they did not know in the past.

The strategies and tips used in this system were driven by certain researches and science facts that have been gathered by the authors. They have spent a great deal of time looking for the right information to help you out. This modern shy bladder solution was designed by the best, at an affordable price. You see, the authors preferred to offer all this information at a low price, instead of ripping off their patients. This is why this program has experienced such tremendous success – it is affordable, easy to understand, easy to apply and really works.

Why I Recommend This Program?

Quite simply … it worked for me!

Like many of you I suspect, I wanted a discrete program which didn’t involve anyone else having to know about my condition. I thought about cognitive behavioral therapy but decided against it initially because of the cost and the fact that I’d need to tell people where I was going. Whilst I looked at other, more general self-help programs I went for this one bacause it was specifically targetted towards shy bladder syndrome.

I backed this up with a self-help hypnotherapy program also. In my case this also proved effective and I still use this audio download from time to time today.

Why Do You Need The Paruresis Treatment System?

It is estimated that about one out of twelve people struggle with paruresis and are unable to use public bathrooms. Some of the benefits of using this amazing system include:

Enjoy the freedom to go whenever you want without worrying of what type of bathroom you’ll find there.

Put an end to that constant anxiety of not being able to urinate in a public space.

You must not have to hide your fear from your neighbors, close friends or family members.

Throw out those limitations that steal your peace and joy.

Finally be able to focus more on work, family or school instead of focusing on your anxiety.

Save time at the toilet.

Never again suffer from a full bladder.

Put an end to the obsession and panic attacks that go hand in hand with this condition.

The Paruresis Treatment System Review

This system is not a quick-heal scheme, phoney cure or “miracle treatment”. Instead, this product is the result of collaborative efforts of respected leaders in this field. Your shy bladder does not need to be a persistent problem anymore, but you can break free of its chains.

The Paruresis Treatment System is a simple 4-step method that includes 7 components:

1. The manual: The Paruresis Treatment System manual contains everything you need to know about overcoming shy bladder and paruresis. This is a step-by-step system that teaches you all the secrets to overcome your condition and replace your irrational thinking pattern.

2. Complete audio edition: this is the entire program in mp3 format for you to listen while on the go or when jogging.

3. Audio treatment system: the P.A.T.S audio system volume no. 1 allows you to practice the most important skills you have acquired by reading the manual. This download contains a specially-engineered session that can help you get your skills to the next level.

4. Anxiety-free mastermind audio. This download contains a series of interviews with the most respected and recognized experts in the medical industry.

5. Anxiety-free transcripts: these are genuine reviews about this amazing program.

6. Anxiety helix report: discover the truth about anxiety and fear.

7. P.A.T.S. audio system volume no. 2: this volume offers even more sessions that teach you how to practice your skills about inducing relaxation and tranquility.

This treatment is extremely comprehensive and includes all the tools and materials you will ever need in order to free yourself from shy bladder or paruresis.

The most important things you will learn by following this program:

How to control your response to the environment around you in 4 simple steps.

The reason you can’t stop worrying about going to a public bathroom.

How to use your distinct personality traits to end this negative cycle that has affected you for years.

Just how your body acts when it is anxious.

How to detect and stop doing those things that worsen your condition.

Discover what you are actually anxious about.

How to kick those irrational, scary thoughts out of your head in an instant.

What are the 5 patterns of faulty thinking that can make you slip into your previous state of mind.

How to create your own personalized plan to fight and defeat paruresis.

Why you should face your fears instead of only trying.

Ways to deal with unsupportive parents or friends who prefer to judge instead to help you.

How to make your brain change the way it sees a public bathroom.

Paruresis Treatment System Review – Bottom Line

All in all, our Paruresis Treatment System review suggests it may not the cheapest but certainly THE most comprehensive of all the paruresis cures available today on the market. This makes it incredibly cost effective. Capitalize on this unique system and change your life forever. By implementing the tips and strategies offered in the manual you will be able to overcome a shy bladder and paruresis, together with all the associated shame and anxiety. For other treatment options Click Here >>>.

The #1 Rated Self-Help Paruresis Treatment Program

– THE most advanced Paruresis self-help program bar none
– Simple to follow, step-by-step format
– Totally discrete
– Guaranteed effective or your money back (60 days)
– Low cost, great value for money: $$