Shy Bladder Related Conditions - Parcopresis, Shy Bowel Syndrome, Bathroom Phobia and Performance Anxiety

There are a number of related forms of social anxiety which should not be confused with Paruresis but which are often connected to shy bladder syndrome. I wanted to touch on a couple of these; mainly to put your mind at rest if any of them affect you too.

Before I go on and in case this page is your first visit to the site, let’s just clarify exactly what is Paruresis.

The term shy bladder syndrome, pee shyness, bashful bladder etc are all different names of the same thing. The official medical term of which is Paruresis. So, whatever name you know it or refer to it as we’re talking about exactly the same condition. Shy Bladder Syndrome.

The Collins Dictionary definition of Paruresis is: “a psychological inability to urinate in the presence of others”. It goes deeper than that though. I prefer to add a little more to the definition and suggest it should be defined as: “a psychological inability to urinate when in the real or imaginary presence of others”.

To put it in clear words; Paruresis is a psychological condition which results in an inability to pee when others are around or if there’s a chance that other people may appear. Typically this relates to public restrooms. There’s varying degrees of this anxiety which you can read about here. For the purposes of this feature I just wanted to reiterate in order to compare with other related conditions.

You’re Not Alone

Shy Bladder Related Conditions - Parcopresis, Bathroom Phobia and Performance AnxietyWith any phobia or social anxiety you should always know that you are NOT alone. This is especially true when talking about any form of restroom related phobia or fear. You may think it’s only affecting you because you don’t know anyone else who suffers and you’ve never heard it discussed. But that’s human nature. I’m not saying it’s right and always encourage more openness but the reality is that these kind of “embarrassing” phobias are little talked about or promoted. That doesn’t mean they’re not common: Paruresis itself is estimated to affect around 7% of people to some degree and at some stage of their lives. The reality is that you will know someone with your condition … you just don’t know it. And they’re probably thinking exactly the same as you!

So, if any of the following shy bladder related fears affect you you’re not alone!

Parcopresis – Shy Bowel Syndrome 

Parcopresis is also known as psychogenic fecal retention. Just as shy bladder syndrome results in an inability to urinate when others are around, shy bowel syndrome is an inability to defecate (poo) when other people are, or are imagined to be, nearby. This may be in the same public restroom but it may also be the same building or house.

Again, this condition affects everyone in different ways and to different levels. Hence the effect on life can be restrictive to varying degrees.

It’s not that uncommon either (although there are no official estimates). A quick internet search will result in multiple links to the condition and prove that you are not alone. Sure, it’s completely normal to require privacy to defecate and most people will feel a little uncomfortable if others are nearby and would perhaps prefer them not to be there. A Parcopretic will not be able to go at all in this situation. Even if they are in an empty restroom they may not be able to go because of the chance of someone else coming in or someone queuing outside.

Treatment options most often involve Cognitive Behaviour Therapy but hypnotherapy for parcopresis also seem to work pretty well. In fact there is a specific self-hypnosis program simple called Parcopresis Treatment which you may want to check out. It’s a short audio download that’s simple, discrete and guaranteed effective – added bonus that it won’t break the bank either.

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Toilet, Restroom or Bathroom Phobia

This is the term for a variety of specific fears relating to restrooms and toilets – including Paruresis and Parcopresis. Most often though it’s referred to as a fear of not being near to a toilet, bathroom or restroom when it’s needed. It may also relate to a general and overall fear of using a public restroom for some reason – shy bladder, shy bowel or fear of germs, smells etc.

For anyone who has a fear of being too far away from a bathroom when its needed it can really be life restricting. It’s a fear that affects both men and women equally and is often associated with outdoor activities. Will I get caught short on that walk? Will the shopping mall have restrooms and will I be able to find them if I need to? It’s a long journey – what if I need the bathroom? These are all the sort of questions any one with this phobia will be asking themselves.

As the fear develops then certain situations start to be avoided. The walk with a friend is avoided because of the irrational fear, you travel alone on the journey so that you can find a restroom if you need it. Venues know to not have easily accessible facilities are avoided. He list goes on but you get the picture.

Any type of phobia or irrational fear can be overcome and in the case of restroom, bathroom or toilet phobia you may want to check out the self-hypnosis program entitled Overcome Bathroom Phobia. A short, effective and cost effective program which you can work on yourself in complete privacy.

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Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety generally relates to a general fear of any form of public appearance. This could be appearing on stage, contributions in a meeting, making a presentation to a group etc.

In some cases it can be related to public bathrooms and confused with a fear of restrooms. They are public places after all and you’re going into them to perform a natural bodily function which you may think others are going to judge you on. So there is a similarity which explains the confusion.

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Parcopresis, Bathroom Phobia, Performance Anxiety – Conclusion

I hope you have found this feature interesting and hope to have explained the various associated forms of anxieties to paruresis shy bladder syndrome. Nameley Parcopresis or shy bowel syndrome, bathroom phobia and performance anxiety. I welcome any feedback of course.