Shy Bladder Tips

If you’re looking for shy bladder tips then you’ve come to the right place. On the pages in this section you’ll find plenty of useful information and ideas that will help you understand the condition more and, hopefully some good tips that will help you to cure your shy bladder.

The condition itself is relatively common but rarely talked about. Therefore, paruretics may find it a little difficult to access information and tips that will help them deal with this condition. We aim to put that right!

NOTE: You really don't have to just put up with Paruresis. Find out how you too can cure shy bladder syndrome - it may not be as difficult as you think. Find Out How >>>

Shy Bladder Symdome Treatment

Shy Bladder Tips

To introduce the articles and features in this shy bladder tips category:

Overcome Shy Bladder5 Ways To Help You Overcome Shy Bladder That You Must Try

In this feature I look at the 5 main ways which can help you treat and cure your shy bladder. Relaxation, graduated exposure, distractions, support and breath hold. I also talk about a couple of great treatment program options for you.

Learn how to make yourself pee again!

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Beat Your Fears About PeeingKeep Facing Your Fears About Peeing: It’s The Only Way To Beat Paruresis

This feature speaks for itself! It’s about inspiration, determination and commitment to cure shy bladder. As you’d expect, there’s no miracle quick fix treatment but the condition CAN be cured!

So – keep facing your fears about peeing and don’t give up!

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Triggers Of Shy Bladder SyndromeUnderstanding the Triggers Of Shy Bladder Syndrome

There’s the initial trigger point that first started the anxiety and then there’s the trigger points that cause the onset of a shy bladder attack. I examine both triggers of shy bladder here.

Learn more about the triggers of shy bladder syndrome.

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Shy Bladder And Social ActionShy Bladder And Social Action: The 4 Steps To Promote Awareness

This feature is all about what we can do together to help promote awareness of shy bladder syndrome. I list 4 ways in which you can really help to make a difference and organisations which can help.

Learn more about shy bladder and social action.

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Shy Bladder Drug TestThe Changing Scenario For A Shy Bladder Drug Test

This is a really topical subject. I explain your rights and the problems you face if you’re a paruretic who’s facing the challenge of a mandatory urine test for drugs. An interesting read indeed!

Understand just what is the changing scenario for a shy bladder drugs test.

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Shy Bladder HypnosisHow And Why Shy Bladder Hypnosis Helps You Overcome A Bashful Bladder

Hypnosis is a really effective way to treat shy bladder syndrome. It can reprogram your subconscious mind to produce a rational response when faced with a public restroom environment.

Learn more about shy bladder hypnosis.

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Paruresis Self-Catheterization – A Last Resort For Peace Of Mind?

In this feature I’m questioning if self-catheterization should actually be classed as a cure or simply an option to resolve extreme symptoms. So, let’s look at exactly what it is and how it can help.

Learn more about paruresis self-catheterization.

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treat paruresis overcome shy bladder syndromeHow To Treat Paruresis And Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome Yourself

This feature is for everyone who wants to work through the condition themselves. Those who want to keep their shy bladder to themselves and are looking for discrete treatment options.

Learn more about how to treat paruresis and overcome shy bladder syndrome yourself.

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Paruresis – Living With A Disorder

Did you know that more than 63% of paruretics don’t seek help? Don’t accept the choice of living with a disorder such as shy bladder syndrome – accept the condition and take the help that’s out there.

Learn more about Shy Bladder Syndrome Paruresis – Living With A Disorder.

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Shy Bladder Syndrome

Shy bladder syndrome is nothing to laugh about. For those who suffer from this form of social anxiety it can be highly restrictive and even life changing. The shy bladder tips in this section will help but there’s plenty more information to be found in all the other sections of the website too.

If you’re looking for more shy bladder information a good place to start is my page on Paruresis Frequently Asked Questions.

Shy Bladder Treatment Information

As you’ll read over and over again on this site, shy bladder syndrome CAN be treated. You CAN overcome paruresis.

In my own case I preferred to keep it to myself and work through it alone and discretly. Ther were a couple of self-help programs that particularly helped me. I’d like to share these with you too:

DON'T FORGET: As we've said before, you really don't have to just put up with Paruresis. Find out how you too can cure shy bladder syndrome - it may not be as difficult as you think. Find Out How >>>

Shy Bladder Symdome Treatment